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I dropped by Lisa "Lele" Sadoughi's Soho studio for an inside peek at the designer's latest Holiday/Resort 2014 collection (and got an eyeful of other stunning, sparkly pieces in the process).  

Inside look: Lele Sadoughi's wall of inspiration

Inside look: Lele Sadoughi's wall of inspiration

Sadoughi is no stranger to creating quality, on-trend baubles for the masses.  Before launching her eponymous collection in 2012, she directed the J. Crew jewelry division for 5 years (yeah, those pieces you just had to have were all Lisa) and lending her creative talents to Tory Burch as Jewelry Design Director.  As soon as I walked into the studio I saw Lisa's smile beaming from behind her desk and once she stood, I realized her elusive "glow" was that of an expectant mother; ever the over-achiever, this lady's been busy designing 4 seasons and creating not just one, but two babies in two years!  (Meanwhile, I can barely get my laundry sent to the cleaner's on time).

The Lele Sadoughi collection is nothing short of what you'd expect from a designer with such an impressive track record.  The pieces are really versatile, with a balance of both on-trend elements and a timeless quality about them. But instead of the standard costume jewelry staples that dominate every mainstream store (see: chain necklace with logo-charm, set of stacked metal skinny bangles, and chunky chain-link bracelet), Sadoughi's pieces are infused with inspiration and her own personal flair.

From 3-dimensional elements to moving parts, this is jewelry that teases the eye.  Bracelets are loaded with intricate details and are statement pieces on their own, but are light enough to be stacked by the layering-obsessed fashionista.  The Holiday/Resort 2014 collection is a fanciful take on classic pinball games, combining metal hardware in sleek curved lines with "pinball" -like pearls and spheres that spin in place.  Chokers have been a major must-have accessory lately, and Sadoughi's Havana Tropicana collection for Spring features a trio of shades that are lightweight enough to be worn in comfort. 

Whatever the season, Lele Sadoughi's pieces are the stuff good fashion is made of: they're chocked full of unique details, designed for comfort, and crafted from quality materials that guarantee they'll last.  They're totally accessible too, with a price-range that won't make your wallet cry (we're talking only $150-$400).  The Holiday/Resort 2014 collection will be release this Fall, and it's still not too late to snag some pieces from the Spring collection either...I see a Crystal Fringe necklace in my near future!

Lele Sadoughi Holiday/Resort 2014
Lele Sadoughi
Lele Sadoughi Studio