A Zac Posen fashion show has almost as much pageantry as the awards-show red carpets where his ballgowns reign. From the A-list celebrities to the runway, it's as fashionable an event as they come. The Fall 2015 show was no exception, with the gilded ceilings of Grand Central's legendary Vanderbilt Hall being illuminated by the flashes of paparazzi as they clamored to capture shots of  Katie Holmes and Rihanna. Just as the chaos seemed to calm momentarily, it was showtime.

Zac Posen truly is a designer in the most classical sense of the word, with the utmost attention to technique. (After having attending a lecture hosted by Posen at The Met's Costume Institute last year, I've developed a major appreciation for his methods.) This, combined with his passion for beauty and drama, guarantees success season after season. The Fall 2015 collection was Hollywood glamour paired with '70's attitude, starting with a flouncy apple red dress for first look and driven home by details like oversized sunglasses and mink wraps. Dresses in bright jewel-tones illuminated the dim yellow glow of the hall as they danced down the runway.

Yet for all its decadence, this collection was much heavier on contemporary daywear looks than we're used to seeing from Posen. I can picture the slimmer cuts, cashmere cardigans, and jersey dresses actually being worn by the most fashionable commuters that may actually pass through Grand Central by day. Far be it for me to criticize the crowned prince of my generation's fashion royalty, but a few of the forest green suit sets did feel a bit too pedestrian for Posen - perhaps a subconscious carry-over from his engagement at Brooks Brothers? But the flowing eveningwear in jersey and silk with precisely placed cutouts dominated the runway, albeit with leaner cuts. In fact, the only ball gown was saved for the big finale: the glimmering ruby and gold taffeta gown garnered a standing ovation as Naomi Campbell herself closed the show with a final romp down the runway, arm in arm with Posen. But don't be disappointed if you were hoping for more; always a bit playful, Posen simply decided to leave us anticipating the big - and no doubt gorgeous - gowns he has saved for next Fall.

Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com