For her Fall 2015 collection, Victoria Beckham got back to what she does best: dresses.  It was a welcome return to her forte after recent seasons focused on remarkably un-Posh-like masculine forms. But instead of the confining stretch hourglass shapes that first defined her label, she opted for asymmetric lines and fluid draping. Still as sexy and feminine as ever, but with an unexpected lightness in contrast to the designer's proclivity for vamp, this collection shows that Beckham may be on her way to mastering the art of simultaneously defining and evolving a label.

With husband and babes in tow, Beckham's enviable front row was a main attraction before the show even started. But once it all got underway, what really stood out to me was how Beckham artfully created an almost feng shui-like balance in each look.  Where it leaned toward relaxed and restrained from the waist-up, the bottom half would counter with a suggestive statement piece, and vice versa. It was this talent for styling sophisticated and seductive looks that contributed to Beckham's rise to fashion icon status, and I love seeing it translated into her designs. With sleek sleeveless turtlenecks, chenille knit tops that twist ever so slightly, and angular flared skirts that part flirtatiously, the collection was an assortment of "What Would Posh Wear" for the fans that aspire to emulate her style (or any woman, really, since we should all hope to dress so well).

Yet Beckham's classic British sensibilities were also present, in the form of outerwear. Playing with sculptural lines, concave and convex silhouettes, and slightly exaggerated proportions - an oversized collar here, a fuller hip there - the coats held their own as statement pieces. (Incidentally, this could be helpful cue for the girls who mull around Lincoln Center sans-outerwear in hopes of being snapped for the street style sections.) An overall clean, refined collection, Victoria Beckham showed once again she's a serious designer whose strong following is a product of more than just her celebrity.

Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com