The Tadashi Shoji Fall 2015 collection was nothing short of the timeless elegance we've come to expect from the designer. Unlike many of his contemporaries who foray into evening wear with theatrical, costume-like frocks, rarely would we see a Shoji gown on some provocative pop-star ingenue walking a music awards' red carpet (although ironically Kesha, of all people, was planted in the front row). Instead, the designer is a go-to for women who want an evening gown in the classic sense and, as such, has become a favorite of style icons from celebrities to first ladies.  It's also what I love the most about the label; not all fashion has to be cutting-edge or trend-setting, and there's something to be said for dependable glamour.  

That's not to say there weren't any standout elements to this collection. What immediately caught my eye was the amount of sex-appeal injected by the use of sheer fabrics. Granted it's about as classy as sexy can get, in the "it's what you don't see" kind of way. It's actually a bit of a daring move for a designer that's known to flatter women of all ages and sizes, but also a refreshing one that will no doubt up his appeal to a younger audience.  

Beautiful ballgowns constructed from layers upon layers of tulle and intricate embroidery further fueled my princess fantasies, paired with the occasional cape that carried over from past seasons. A few curve-accentuating long sheath dresses immediately referenced Angelina in my mind. I could have done without some faux-fur pieces embellished with large rhinestones that I found a little too Ruskaya for my taste.  But there are few things I love more than a good pocket on a gown, and was happy to see them included on several pieces.

Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com