On my way to the Paramount Hotel's basement last night I was expecting to see a fashion presentation.  What I found was a fashion presentation wrapped in a circus rolled up into a party -- aka the unveiling of Cynthia Rowley'sFall 2014 collection.  I guess it shouldn't have come as that much of a surprise considering Rowley's penchant for coquettish theatrics and whimsy, and the venue of choice being developer Aby Rosen's Diamond Horseshoe club (which plays host to the Queen of the Night burlesque spectacle) might have been a dead giveaway.  I finally made my way down the winding staircase after freezing waiting behind the velvet rope for some room to open up inside where it was packed to capacity and landed in a space somewhere between eccentricity and delight;  bubbling signature cocktail experiments decorated the bar, aerial performers hung from the ceiling, and live models were encased behind glass.  

In keeping with the "good girl ran away to join the circus" theme, Rowley presented her Fall 2014 collection in an avant garde film screened on the Diamond Horseshoe stage throughout the evening, featuring daring models facing off against a knife thrower.  Cropped pants that flared at the bottom, leather A-line skirts, and over-the-knee boots winked at a ringmaster or lion tamer's costume.  But overall the collection was more mod with chic 70's references like monochrome and colorblock separates, ruffled mini-dresses, and turtlenecks.  Dark Fall colors of navy and burgundy made up most of the palette, but bright pastel appliqués and rainbow patterns added girly, retro touches.

Cynthia Rowley's Fall 2014 collection comes in strong for looks that are both youthful and demure.  Many of the pieces are versatile enough that they could even be appropriate to wear to the office, yet so fresh and on trend that they would be stylish in any setting.  Even if you substitute taming a grab-happy date for lions or balancing on stilettos instead of a tightrope, you'll still look great doing it in this totally wearable collection.