Rebecca Minkoff has quickly become recognized as one of the most popular contemporary designers with her appeal to the youthful high street set, which is why I'm so conflicted about this collection. The designer's success is unarguably due (at least in part) to her understanding of her audience's wants and tastes.  But her choice of Patti Smith circa Hotel Chelsea/Robert Mapplethorpe/broke-but-cool phase as the inspiration behind her Fall 2015 collection left me both loving it and wanting for something more.

Boho-chic never really left, but it's definitely back on the forefront with stores like UO and Free People overpowering the once dominant preppy conformist brands a la Abercrombie & Fitch. And so far we've seen an infusion of hippie-esque influences in other shows (albeit more subtle) so there's no doubt it's going to be a big trend of the season. Minkoff definitely nailed the theme on the head with high-contrast black and burgundy, wildflower prints, embroidered ponchos, leather and mini-tee's, and open toe over-the-knee fringe boots. It's a new wardrobe for the "too cool for everything" girls who hang at the Jane.

But when it comes to a higher-end designer label like Rebecca Minkoff, there automatically comes an expectation to see more of the...well, unexpected. For the girl who embraces this style it doesn't get much better, but it was hard to find anything that stood out as remarkable. There's just a certain irony that comes with a look that's synonymous with anti-consumerism and sells at Saks. 

I was hoping for more of a Minkoff remix of the theme and while I usually think of the label as appealing to a broad demographic, there were only a few looks I think anyone over 25 could really pull-off outside of Coachella. But there's no denying the designer's talent or taste, and broken-down individually I can see the pieces being mixed into more sophisticated wardrobes to add some on trend Boho vibes this Fall.

Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com