Marking its one-year anniversary expanding into womenswear, Public School's Fall 2015 show presented designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Alexander's latest looks for both genders. Not going so far as to be unisex, Public School's mens and womens -wear lines are complementary with themes that play off one another, never venturing too far into either end of the masculine/feminine spectrum. The girls a little bit boyish (not a heeled shoe in sight), and the boys don't shy away from showing off a statement piece.

Past just blurring the lines between the sexes, the label is also a melding of bi-coastal influences. Hightops and plaid patterns of LA's skate and surf scene mixed with the utility and monochromatic palette that speak of Manhattan; it's Euro-chic for the "don't try too hard" kids.  This is the definition of modern streetwear, and it's where Public School really makes bank as street style flock to the brand.  In a totally globalized fashion world, the days of keeping up with the Jones's of our immediate surroundings are long gone. You my have mastered that Ivy League Americana for your visits to the Hamptons or found the perfect leather jacket for your rockstar romps Downtown, but now we've entered an instant-download era where we have to fall seamlessly (as "best-dressed", of course) into any scene at the drop of a text - or at the very least look like we could, when we blast a photo over a dozen social media networks. With artfully proportioned quantities of androgyny, cool, and luxury, Public school is as relevant and fashion can get.

At the totally apropos Milk Studios, the Fall 2015 collection brought all of this. But with new forays into color, volume, and texture, it also showed that Chow and Alexander are willing to be a bit more daring now after having solidified Public School's place in the industry. There were even a couple of gowns (sans sparkle) for the slightly more girly of the girls who hang with boys. 

Photo credit: Feudiguaineri.com