With his Fall 2015 collection marking the 10th anniversary of Phillip Lim's 3.1 label, the designer took a moment for introspective reflection, as one does every 10 years (can we say "dirty 30"?). Instead of looking to reinvent his collection, Lim deconstructed the evolution of his design methods for a collection that he chose to describe as "haphazard".  While totally relevant and fresh, it was classic 3.1 aesthetic as we know it. Which equated to a lot of easy, relaxed and yet trend-worthy looks that put a feminine spin on menswear-inspired tailoring.

Lim retained a the same subtle punky attitude for Fall 2015 as he always does, in the form of plaid prints and tweed constructed into handkerchief hemlines and distressed edges. Lace that seemed as if it were disintegrating teased the eye - was it actually melting away or slowly generating in front of our eyes? Straps were a common theme throughout the collection, breaking beyond just the waistline to form closures at the collarbone.  Hanging off of sleeves, backs of dresses, dangling down the sides of trousers, they served to amplify Lim's effortlessly done/undone girl attitude. There were even some nods to the fashion staples of 2005 like bomber jackets and cargo pants, but given a 2015 makeover in glossy nylon with zippers arranged in purposeful disorder.

For me the biggest accomplishment of this collection was the styling. Less about the details of each individual piece, it was more how the looks came together as an assemblage of colors, textures, angles, and layers in a way that seemed totally uncontrived and uncomplicated. I'd give anything to be able to wake up in the morning and just throw on a bunch of layers and look fabulous without having to even think about it, and watching this collection made it seem almost possible (but really, who am I kidding?).  It was a perfect balance, from looks where it was hard to tell just how many pieces were in the mix, to a sleek coat paired simply over a minidress. Here's to the next 10, Phillip Lim.


Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com