Raoul FW 2013

Raoul debuted its Fall/Winter 2013 collection in sleek, minimalistic fashion in a showroom across from Bryant Park.  Girlish models walked the room and posed on a platform, their hair unassumingly pinned back and makeup just barely there.  It was a sophisticated choice of presentation; an appropriate complement to the collection itself which I can best describe as a fresh and modern take on classic and familiar influences.  

The Raoul F/W 2013 collection is a mish-mash of variety of inspirations, including "a panoply of legendary European artists, designers, trendsetters and visionaries such as Serge Lutens, Madame Grès, Leon Bakst and Yves Saint Laurent."  Even the list of materials incorporated into the pieces is extensive, including fabrics from jersey to lame, and patterns entitled "Ottoman" and "Fluer de Lys".  There is a method to this madness, however, and is the key to the success of this collection.  While many designers may choose to turn their focus to a specific theme for each collection, Raoul has managed to bring a variety of unrelated elements together to create functional, fashion-forward looks.  Some pieces are classically tailored staples, while others are reminiscent of '90's minimalism, and yet others hint at mid-century mod.  It's all culminated in a reflection of the true essence of modern-day fashion, where we're no longer confined to following specific trends but rather express our own style by mixing together whatever pieces speak to us.