For anyone who's ever described their style as channeling The Royal Tennenbaums, your collection has arrived. From bright sweatsuits to polo shirts, the Lacoste Fall 2015 collection was a wardrobe fit for Richie, Chas, and Margot, and I almost expected to see Wes Anderson and the Wilson bros seated in the front row. The natural first response might be "WTF?", but I have to say Richie's headband and Margot's teddy bear coat have never looked so cool. Designer Felipe Oliviera Baptista described "a mix of bourgeois with street-kid" as the intended effect, driven home by the show's pounding French rap soundtrack.

Baptista really focused on remixing the brand's iconic tennis wear look, and the result was a modern uptake of classic Lacoste style that I wish we would have seen sooner. It was tennis inspired, but less literal than in past seasons. Dresses and skirts were updated with asymmetric hemlines, trains, and pockets. Slim-fitting sweatsuits gave off a retro '70's vibe. I loved how Baptista paired sleek coats and jackets in wool and tweed over the athletic looks, taking them even further off court by adding sophistication to sporty.

The designer was quick to emphasize that he didn't want to reinvent the Lacoste esthetic, but rather to reconstruct it. He made sure to pay homage to Rene Lacoste's legacy, and gave a shout-out with a tee that read "Rene did it first". It was a (much needed) overhaul that dripped with French glamour. In the past I've relied on Lacoste for the expected staples like tennis-apropro dresses, sporty cardigans, and crocodile-embalazoned knit tee's, but I can finally look to the brand for fashion-forward sportswear with a streetwear edge. Game...set...match!

Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com