Sensible, modest, and versatile Jeremy Scott is not. But his Fall 2015 collection, however intentional or not, was a brilliant commentary on ageism in pop culture. In an Insta-reality society where we're all celebrities via selfies and a photo filter can only do so much, Scott's designs were like a sarcastic answer to our beauty/youth obsessions. It was as if the designer were saying "Oh, you all want to stay young forever? Here - just throw on some baby clothes and voila!" Considering the extreme diet-detox-pill-potion-homeopathy-filler-injection-peel-laser-nip-tuck lengths we're willing to go to in hopes of recapturing even a fraction of our youthful luster, the thought of wearing an oversized toddler dress seems pretty mild and logical in comparison. Why hadn't we thought of this before?!

Scott's Fall 2015 collection didn't feature any onesies or (God forbid) diapers, but otherwise it was actually as infantile as it could get while still somehow coming off chic. For all its satirical flourish, Scott's tailoring and lines were expertly executed. There was even an air of retro sophistication; instead of contemporary kidswear lining the racks at Buy Buy Baby, Scott's designs were a throwback to the mid-century mod quilting and ruffles of the baby-boomers. It was cute as can be, from the right-brain stimulating brightly-colored prints to - dare I say, seductive - short baby doll dresses. It was also totally apropos that one of the most in-demand babes of late, Gigi Hadid, closed the show. Fabulously tongue-in-cheek, it's not meant for the office, but it's by far one of my favorite collections to come from Scott in seasons and full of statement making potential if you have the guts and fashion acumen to pull it off.