Alexander Wang's deeply noir Fall 2015 collection was ultimate glamour for the fashion-forward goth girl.  From the models' brisk, aggressive gait to their stringy, scraggly hair hanging limp in front of their faces (I picture an uncomfortable mother wanting nothing more than to push it back out of their eyes), the show was full-on punk attitude. It had me wondering what had so thoroughly pissed-off the Mr. Wang Gang - perhaps it was the below-freezing temps plaguing New York for the past month? No Valentine? Highly unlikely. Or maybe they were just over being perpetually hungry?  I get capital-"H" Hangry like nobody's business and I'm no size 0, so I figured it was a solid bet. (Although for Kendall Jenner just being a teenager and part of the Kardashian-klan was probably enough.)

Whatever the reason for the wrath (Hell hath no fury), it was the perfect accessory to Wang's Fall 2015 collection. Platform ass-kicking boots with strap and chain trimmings pounded down the runway paired with all-black ensembles. Wang added some depth to the singular palette by playing with texture, combining glossy leather, velvet, and fur.  Almost totally void of any color, the designer did mix it up with some liquid-like metallic silver jackets, sheer chainmail dresses, creme knits, and - the goth/punk kids' staple - red and black flannel.

Thanks to Wang's ever-present athletic lines and penchant for sex-appeal, the collection was about as sophisticated and glamorous as goth can get. Yet it lacks the versatility that will appeal to the masses; fashionistas will flock for the streetstyle statement factor, but pieces that would be easily incorporated into a functional wardrobe were sparse. I'm guessing after Wang's recent collaborative collection with H&M, however, an intentional departure from the mainstream in favor of the more avant-garde would serve to reinforce the exclusivity of his own label.

At least in the end my fears that the show might culminate in a runway brawl were dispelled when Wang stepped out, a smile beaming on his face, and all was well again at Pier 36.

Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com