It seems that Charlotte Ronson's label got a grown-girl makeover for Fall.  Ronson's best known for her playful prints and "most popular girl in school" esthetic that friend Paris Hilton (who was seated in the front row in a low-cut baby blue dress) pulls off so well. Not that it's unusual for designers to cater to another audience (men design for women, older for younger, etc.) and with her appeal to a younger set Ronson has generated major success. But at 37, as an "it-girl" in the prime of her life, a seasoned designer like Ronson can have a lot to offer for women who run in a similar crowd.

Her Fall 2015 collection did just that, showing a refreshing maturity that finally has her designing for her peers while keeping things youthful with elements like sheer tops and solid-color opaque tights. A palette of dark, rich colors set the foundation for layers of textures like velvet, chiffon, and knits. Subtle undertones of '60's sportswear inspiration translated into sophisticated button-down blouses with bell sleeves, wide-leg trousers, and crop sweaters.  Of course there was still some floral-print at play, but oversized in a shade of deep purple it was undeniably sophisticated. 

I really loved seeing Charlotte Ronson keep up with her fan base as they grow older, and I expect as a result they'll be growing in numbers too.

Photos courtesy of Charlotte Ronson