Fall 2015 brought the ever-present elegance, shimmer, and opulence of a CMV collection, but with a new, younger attitude. Coming off of his 25th anniversary collection last August (which I was totally honored to attend), it seems that Valvo has come full-force with a fresh take on his traditional eveningwear looks. At first I was unsure how to react since I'd come in expecting to see more of the same, classic CMV style that I love, but it was impossible not to fall for the vibrant flair that's giving this label a newfound edge.

Valvo's designs have never fallen even close to matronly territory, but I'd be quicker to assign them to the refined ladies of high-society before Hollywood's latest ingenue (think opening night at The Met vs. Vanity Fair's Oscars after-party). The glossy silken gowns were still present but in Lolita-esque scarlet and liquid-like black. The inked charcoal plaids, tight cashmere sweaters paired over pleated skirts, and varsity blazers and skinny neckties came together for a playful schoolgirl (and boy) vibe, and a bolder referencing of pop-culture influences than ever before. Yet with all its playfulness and pop-star appeal, not a drop of sophistication was sacrificed; from a pleated tuxedo-shirt gown to girlish mid-calf hemlines, it was done up in the totally refined and elegant way that only CMV can.

Photo credit: IMAXTREE