When I met designers Bianca De Pietro and Rachele Wendling of Bianca Rachele, I was stunned to find myself face to face with two young, bright-eyed girls.  Their Spring/Summer 2012 collection, Deliquesce, indicates that these ladies are wise beyond their years when it come to constructing custom-made, meticulously detailed frocks.  “We try to find beauty in things that aren’t typically perceived as being beautiful and transform it into works of art,” says Bianca and while what, exactly, those inspirations may be is unclear she and Rachele have succeeded in creating a line infused with complexity and whimsy.


The pieces are reminiscent of McQueen’s architectural elements, while distinctly more feminine.  Granted, these recent fashion grads are still lacking the refinement that can only be developed after years of experimenting and honing their skills.  This is more that made up for, however, in the fact that each piece is hand-constructed, can be completely customized, and is made from only the finest quality materials.   These pieces are meant to be collected, and, as such, are worthy of the moderately expensive price-point.


Bianca Rachelle is definitely on my fashion ones-to-watch list.  Bianca and Rachele have already managed to present an intricately designed yet wearable collection that carries a lot of appeal if you want to make sure you’re not caught wearing the same couture as another stylish femme.  And since it’s likely that Bianca Rachele will only become more coveted (and expensive) as it gains notoriety, I recommend you snag some pieces while it’s still in the early stages of its evolution.