Anna Sui drew inspiration for her Fall 2015 collection after having watched the History Channel's Vikings, which is pretty cool in the context that we dvr-reliant, sweatpant-wearing couch dwellers are not alone in being affected by our latest tv obsessions (Christina Hendricks as Joan on Mad Men was once my sole reason for a drastic red dye-job, which served me well for over a year until I just couldn't handle the maintenance anymore). Models emerged on the runway as fierce Viking princesses with face-tats and untamed wavy hair, transported to the '70's with flower child-esque looks set to the blasting beats of Abba. Sui also referenced the textiles and lines of mid-century Scandinavian interior design, creating prints that would rival the likes of Missoni and Pucci. 

It all came together in the form of folkloric tapestries and intricate needlework worked with such care, you really get the sense it was a labour of love. The looks were rich with color and texture using fur both real and faux, printed tights layered under patterned dresses, and crocheted lace. Brightly-dyed Mongolian Lambswool parkas and jackets were a standout, feeling both cozy and chic. But for all the Woodstock flavor with the big, oversized outwear, low-waisted suede belts and furry huntress boots, the cuts were so refined they never bordered on sloppy. She finished it all off with a lean silver sequin and chiffon finale dress topped with an ivory fur-embellished gilet and horned Viking helmet (of course). It was a much less vamp than we've come to expect from Sui, but in a good way - so dazzling yet with just enough of a laid-back attitude, it's everything cold-weather wear should be...minus the helmet.

Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com