Angel Sanchez's Fall 2015 collection seemed to carry-over from last year: the same architectural lines constructed into armor-like panels, the same metallics, the same dynamic between black and white, the same flowing gowns. But hey, if it ain't broke...

These elements are all areas of strength for Sanchez and this collection showed that as he's gaining momentum, he's also willing to take more risks. Those risks paid off in the form of an impressive melange of dresses and gowns. A few numbers in glossy brown and black leather with tiny eyelet details particularly stood out with their blend of femininity and strength. On the flip side, a couple of short dresses with extreme angular flared skirts spoke a bit too much of Judy Jetson. But that misstep was easy to overlook thanks to Sanchez's application of unconventionally placed cutouts. From slim slits on shoulders to more dramatic naval- and hip-bearing arrangements, they added extra punch to already striking pieces. An especially noteworthy piece was a black ribbon-patterned sheer gown featuring a torso-bearing faux capelet, while structured chiffon and mosaic jewel-toned jacquard prints added new dimension and drama to Sanchez's already glamorous esthetic.

Photos courtesy of Angel Sanchez