Victoria Schweizer

Victoria Schweizer

Victoria Schweizer hasn’t done it all, but I think it’s safe to say she’s come close.  Former Girls Behaving Badly cast-member-turned-artist, this lady has lived on both coasts, worked in a law-firm, movies, television, public relations, has a background in meteorology – she’s even survived a near-fatal accident where she was hit by a car while crossing a street in London.  While many people may find this type of never-ending chaos exhausting, it appears Ms. Schweizer has channeled what energy she has left into more creative and inspired pursuits.  

A Socialite in her own right, the self-described “tomboy and debutante” celebrated the finale of her Vane Gallery exhibit at a reception on October 12th, 2011.  Honored to attend, I was able to examine Victoria’s pieces, which boast bold, beautiful colors and portray some of the most recognizable faces of our time in from Victoria’s own perspective.  Her work, to me, is like a modern take on Warhol and Lichtenstein, with a distinct femininity.  The pinks and greens featured in her pieces remind me of eye shadow and lipstick palettes fit for a punk 80’s queen, while subtle touches of sparkle here and there are sure to delight any art-enthusiastic diva.


As the impressive turnout at the reception would indicate, Victoria Schweizer is already a very accomplished artist.  Her “Lady Gaga” sold to a determined buyer before the reception even started, leaving many guests wondering about the piece.  Definitely keep your eyes open for Victoria’s work, as there are multiple reasons to love this artist.  While she chooses to donate a majority of her pieces to silent-auctions for charity -- that’s right, this lady is not only talented, but a philanthropist as well -- if you have an opportunity to score a piece for yourself, it’s a good bet for a sound investment as Victoria is quickly gaining ground in the art scene.  Not to mention there’s nothing like an ultra-fab, original piece of pop art on the wall to brighten your day.