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StyleLikeU by mom-daughter design duo Elisa & Lily partied for a cause Monday night, collecting donations for victims of Hurricane Sandy.  The private guest-list only event drew an appropriately eclectic crowd to the Soho Mondrian’s Mister H.

Style was is full swing and the guys especially turned it out, showing off everything from hipster-prep tortoise shell rims and bowties, to classic downtown leather, to “I don’t know what the hell this is, but I like it”.

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Bottom line: everyone came out for a good time, and they succeeded.  There wasn’t a body that wasn’t moving to the beat, and you know you’re at the right place when at the beginning of each song the crowd lets out a unanimous “Ooooohhhhhhooooo!” (I have recollections of hearing TLC’s “No Scrubs”, MIA’s “Paper Planes” and Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” all within a span of 10 minutes).  Within half an hour it was impossible to even tell who came together, everyone had just merged into one huge group of dancing, drinking and laughs.

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My look for the night?  Given that it was a Monday and (thankfully!) not so cold that I feared I might turn into an “Arzu-siscle” (see: when Arzu freezes into in a tasty treat), I decided to go with something fun and easy.  I threw on my can’t-live-without-them black faux-latex leggings, an oversized white tank, and topped it off with my Chanel-esque tweed jacket complete with mirrored brooch and safety pin shoulder epaulettes.  I finished with my also-can’t-live-without-them Michael Kors ankle boots.  Since, in all honesty, I was running too late and was too lazy to attempt anything time consuming with my hair I opted for a high ponytail, added some lift to my bangs and pinned them back.