SHFT founders Peter Glatzer & Adrian Grenier

SHFT founders Peter Glatzer & Adrian Grenier


For those who crave luxury, it can sometimes seem difficult to be environmentally conscious without having to sacrifice materialistic comforts.  If your yearning for a pampered lifestyle leaves you trying to shake the guilt that you’re indulging at the Earth’s expense, you can now gain some peace of mind.  Ford and SHFT.com prove that sustainable living doesn’t mean having to bike through the snow or concocting your own biofuel.


SHFT co-founders Adrian Grenier and Peter Glatzer joined Ford Motor Company’s Director of Electrification Sherif Marakby to introduce their new partnership and unveil Ford’s new line-up of electrified vehicles.  At the event, which took place November 17, 2011, at New York’s ROOT Drive-in Studios, the partners discussed plans for the collaboration that will include the production of a short documentary series profiling innovative leaders in sustainable business, as well as participation in live-events and film festivals. They also drew attention to the Ford Focus Electric: the first fuel-free passenger car from Ford and one of five new electrified vehicles the company will be releasing by 2013.


SHFT was founded by Adrian and Peter to help promote making “smarter environmental decisions through film, design, art, transportation and culture.”  Grenier commented that going green doesn’t require drastically changing your whole life but just choosing a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, and Ford’s Focus Electric is a great start, having as many attractive features as the Entourage actor himself.  It doesn’t have an engine so it requires no fuel; this hot little ride is a five-passenger rechargeable vehicle that runs on a lithium-ion battery and packs enough punch to accelerate smoothly up to 84mph.  At about only $2/day to charge (less than the cost of a caffeine fix), nearly everything comes standard including the MyFordMobile App, which allows drivers to remotely access control to the car.  As for the interior, the Focus Electric is the first car to utilize a stylish assortment of REPREVE fabrics, manufactured completely from recycled plastic bottles (each car uses about 22 bottles for the interior).

Let’s face it: there’s nothing fashionable about polluting the environment.  Follow SHFT.com and Ford’s lead, and be a trendsetter when it comes to going Green.

Learn more about SHFT at SHFT.com and see Ford’s selection of electrified vehicles at Ford.com