Let’s face it, not only girls need to look good.  For guys who actually put in enough effort to change into something once they’ve rolled out of bed, Onassis clothing offers some sexy duds.  The brand is well deserving of the one-year anniversary party that Refinery 29 threw on October 13th at Onassis’ 71 Greene St. store in New York, where the Onassis team, sexy models and stylish guests celebrated the birthday in style.

Onassis Creative Director Andreu David

Onassis Creative Director Andreu David

Onassis is a refreshing twist on the laid-back fashion that seems to have taken over men’s wardrobes in the past decade.  We all love a guy in jeans, and flannel button-down and a cardigan, but that can only be taken so far without looking more like a sloppy frat-boy than casual-chic stud.  Onassis maintains the balance of looking amazing without trying too hard to perfection.  Intelligent gentlemen who wear Onassis will no doubt score a lot of lady callers, but beware – she will probably be tempted to leave your apartment wearing your super-soft tee or swipe your comfy sweater.

Not only will Onassis’ collection put you in the mood for some fun, but the party did as well.  The celebratory cupcakes tempted guests (especially me) to over-indulge, while the deceivingly strong Original Moonshine punch helped everyone look as good as the models by the end of the night.