Considering that 11-11-11 comes around only once every century, it’s no surprise that the socially inclined used this to their advantage as an excuse to party.  PAPER Magazine and Tourneau played up the “time” theme, hosting a soiree at the luxury watch retailer’s boutique on Madison Avenue.  The hosts paid homage to the number “11”, scheduling the event from 7:11pm-11:11pm and featuring 11 of the city’s premiere DJ’s: Chelsea Leyland, Vashtie, Andrew Andrew, Franco V, Pierce Jackson, Stephen Barr (Hungry Bear), Vikus Sapra, Josh Madden, Jen Amadio, Chrissie Miller, Jasmine Solano.  

The line-up was promising, the guest-list was exclusive and the food trucks outside were a crowd-pleaser.  As for the crowd itself, it was a contradiction of young hipsters, investment bankers and Tourneau clientele.  The collaborative musical talent of the evening would normally break through the hesitation for these groups to mingle, except that the boutique’s display cases left a mere three feet between them at best making it nearly impossible to move freely and dance (especially disappointing as the music itself was a perfect mix for getting a groove on).


The glow of red lights and projections against Tourneau’s stark white walls was, quite simply, cool.  But perhaps a boutique stocked with precious timepieces is not the best venue for a dance party.  The suited-up security walking around with mini-flashlights and scanning the cases for any possible tampering didn’t help much when it came to putting the guests at ease, who were already hesitant to rest their hands or cups on the glass displaying the valuables (and their impressive prices).


Nevertheless, where there is alcohol, there’s a party.  Which is why it’s even more unfortunate that the hosts must have stuck to the “11” theme when it came to stocking beverages as well; the party had run dry when I arrived, not even halfway through, and by 10pm even the soda had disappeared.  Which would probably be why, when I left an hour before the “11:11” moment we were there to celebrate, the majority of the guests had already gone in search of something a little more – ahem – intoxicating.