GrandLife This Is New York 1

In case you didn't know (which means you probably don't get out much), GrandLife's This Is New York is always a staple of fashion week parties both in New York and abroad.  Saturday night's party at the Tribeca Grand that both celebrated NYFW and launched This is New York Vol. 2, the Grand's compilation CD, was not lacking anticipation; with an invite that has the time as "9pm-LATE" and a laundry list of noteworthy hosts, you know it's gonna be big.  While hopefuls braved the cold to try their luck at the door, those who were actually on the "tight" guest-list shared body heat on the dance floor inside.

GrandLife This is New York 3
GrandLife This is New York 2

And hot it was -- both literally and figuratively.  I found myself packed in shoulder-to-shoulder with social and style savvy partygoers, and gave up trying to work my way through the room when I realized it was basically a physical impossibility.  Not that I minded; I could think of much worse places to be stuck (like outside).  With a drink in hand and a solid beat (headlining band FRIENDS, Alan Polamo of Neon Indian and DJ's Chelsea Leyland, Brendan Fallis, Elle Dee, Mandy Coon, and Ted Gushue) I was perfectly content to let myself be absorbed into the massive dance mob.

Fashion industry hosts included names like Andrew Bevan, Micky Boardman, Timo Weiland, Phil Oh and of course The Grand's own Steven Rojas.  Unlike the parties where people go to "be seen", this is where people who have been seen go to cut loose.  But like all good things, it came to an end (albeit early into Sunday).  Until the next one...

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