GRANDLIFE Presents This Is NY Vol. #3 NYFW

Grandlife celebrated Fashion Week and the release of the This is New York Vol.3 album with it's biannual party at the Tribeca Grand hotel last night, and (of course) I wouldn't miss it.  

These Grandlife soirees are quickly becoming a fashion week staple here in New York and always promise a laid-back and entertaining night out.  Freezing (courtesy of the polar vortex) my way over to the side entrance to the Tribeca Grand's basement, I approached the velvet rope and was immediately reminded of one reason I always look forward to this particular event: when Grandlife says "invite only", they mean it.  I'd just been faced with a city block-long line of "invited" guests trembling on a chilly sidewalk at another venue (that shall go unnamed) for a party (that shall also go unnamed because I'm feeling generous) and decided in under 10 seconds that no way was it worth even waiting for after witnessing a sad - albeit typical - scene of desperate people push their way through a door without a list in sight while the rest of those waiting were berated by the doorman.  Amongst a bevy of similar Fashion Week events with disorganized doors and chaotic lines that are party crasher heaven, walking up to the Tribeca Grand, giving your name, and being graciously ushered inside (assuming you are invited, of course) is a breath of fresh air.

Devonte Hynes (aka Blood Orange)

Devonte Hynes (aka Blood Orange)

Inside the scene was an expected mix of the effortlessly cool young New York set, from trendsetters to hipster to rockstars. Familiar faces in the crowd included Zoe Kravitz, Andrew Bevan, Rumi Neely, Erin Wasson, Ezra Koenig, and Jane Aldrige.  Considering the event was in mostly in celebration of Grandlife's latest compilation album, there was no shortage of musical talent either; Florencia Galarza, Brendan Fallis, and Adrien Wend were just a few of the DJ's to spin before Devonte Hynes (aka Blood Orange) took to the stage for a live performance.  We were all casually crowded around taking in the first few tracks when Devonte let us know he was planning to go all out with a full performance and was later joined by Samantha Urbani.

Between the intimate vibe, eclectic crowd, and dynamic entertainment (likely mixed with a desire to avoid freezing temps at all costs), the party naturally continued into the wee hours of the night.