It looks like a new velvet rope is coming to town, Manhattanites!  As is with all nightclubs in our fickle town, the Meatpacking District's long-popular venue Kiss & Fly eventually closed its doors this year.  But as we all know, when the Big Apple closes a door it opens a bigger, flashier, even more exclusive one in its place.  

According to the NY Post, VIP Room will be bringing more celeb-studded glam to the city when it opens its doors (when else?) during fashion week this September.  It's about time too; the club is already an international hit in Dubai, St. Tropez, Paris, Cannes and Monaco.  And with three heavy-hitters at the helm - the club's founder DJ Jean-Roch Pédri, New York's own Shawn Kolodny (of Lavo and Pink Elephant), and Kiss & Fly owner Ryan Tarantino - it's not hard to imagine where party-seekers will be trying to get into this fall.  Get ready to freeze in your stilettos, ladies!