DKNY Ramadan Capsule Collection 1

DKNY launched its Ramadan Capsule Collection yesterday, just in time for the month of religious observance and fasting. The label's first-ever regional collection, it features 12 looks that are both cosmopolitan and appropriately modest.  

I personally love this collection for more than just the clothes; when it seems like Muslims are so often depicted in Western society as being ultra-conservative (insert Sex and the City 2 flashbacks here), it's incredibly refreshing to see an internationally-renowned label acknowledge Muslim women for being fashion-forward. Even when we see Middle Eastern fashion represented, it's usually as more of a novelty for the sake of examining "ethnic" clothing.  But the Ramadan Collection is decidedly universal, completely void of any stereotypical "Muslim" themes; there are no prints featuring calligraphy, no attempts at embellished scarves, no long draping sleeves that extend past the wrist. The influences are so sophisticated and subtle that, if not for the name, chances are you wouldn't even associate the collection with Middle Eastern or Islamic fashion.  It's heavy on the glamour while simply being low on skin, making it totally appropriate for wear during the holy month.

Staying true to the theme DKNY featured Yalda Golsharifi and Tamara al Gabbani, two prominent Middle Eastern fashion influencers, in its Ramadan Collection campaign. Even though the collection will be limited only to stores in the Middle East, rumor has it that some pieces will be available internationally for purchase online

Photos: DKNY

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