Sebastian Smith

Sebastian Smith

Sebastian Smith is a paradox of sorts.  As an international photographer, he has a career spanning 16 years yet to look at him you would never know it.  He has a distinguished client list that boasts some of the highest names in fashion and entertainment although he’s not a household name (yet).  He gives the impression of a party-boy streak that would lead one to believe he seeks out debauchery but is, in reality, a family man.  Perhaps it is this constant dichotomy that translates into his work (especially his more artistic pieces), which I can only best describe as a simultaneous expression of intense eroticism and the immaculately exquisite.

However you choose to describe him, Sebastian is a f#@%ing cool guy.  So cool, in fact, he agreed to a Socialite Style Q&A:

How do you define style?


I don’t.  Style is subjective…my answer would be totally different than yours or any of your readers, but perhaps that’s what makes the fashion world go around.

How would you describe your personal style?

Madmen by day, Streets of Fire at night.

What makes a Sebastian Smith photo unique? 

Probably the fact that everything I shoot is not only part of a story on a bigger level, but a stand-alone piece of art as well.  An image that is liked to a frame taken out of a movie reel.

What makes you unique?

Maybe that I don’t look at other photographers work.  I don’t look left or right.  Just look straight ahead and consider myself my own competition.


Who do you think are the most overrated & underrated photographers?

Overrated?  Nobody…if you have reached a certain level, it’s because you deserve to be there.  Most underrated?  Me.


What do you most love & hate about what you do?

I love creating art.  I hate waiting for clients to pay for what I love to do.

What is your biggest muse/inspiration?

My wife, 2 boys and puppy.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Only a photographer, because it’s not work to me.

What are you favorite NYC spots?


I won’t reveal that because it’s also one of the most secret spots in NYC too.  Hint…Starts with an M and it’s 2 blocks from your pad.  We had drinks there 2 months ago.  I dream of living above it.

What’s your favorite era?  How would you envision yourself living in it?

1960’s when advertising was at its prime, and photographers were kings.  How would I envision myself in that time period?  The same as now…shooting from the hip and loving it.

If you could pick any subject to photograph, who/what would it be?

June Newton and David Olgivy.

What do you want to be most remembered for?

For being a good man whom loved life and lived each day like it was my last.


Why do you think people would love/hate you?

I don’t think of it because I live my life for myself.  Maybe that’s why people would hate me.

What drives you crazy?


People that don’t pick up after their dogs; and people that just want to take a piece of you sans return.

What drives you?


What else do you think my readers should know about you?

I think your readers should check out my new film projects at www.fixedfocusfilms.com and they should definitely look forward to my upcoming coffee table book.  It’s going to be hot and perhaps a bit scandalous.