No...It's not a toy, nor is it some type of personal massager (get your minds out of the gutter). Yet this nifty little tool always elicits looks of confusion when I pull it out in front of friends after a shower, followed by envy when they realize how amazing it is.

It's the fix I'd been looking for after a lifetime of wrestling with a head full of fine strands that always manage to intricately weave themselves into one another, making it impossible for me to run a comb/brush/fingers/fork through my mane - or more accurately, a "Tangle Teezer".

Even as a kid my hair used to get worked into impossible knots (I'm still traumatized from memories of my dad just cutting out a huge chunk of hair that housed an elastic band in its depths), and there wasn't much of a difference as I got older.  From super-creamy conditioners to detangling sprays, nothing really worked well and couldn't prevent the inevitable breakage that would occur when trying to comb my wet locks.  Anyone with this problem knows how frustrating it can be - you end up with short, damaged strands of hair that frizz and cause your cut to lose shape quickly.  

But that all ended when I added this tool to my arsenal.  The Tangle Teezer can be used on dry hair (i.e. the knot on the back of your head courtesy of your pillow), but the real magic happens when you use it after washing.  Even if you don't have fine hair, most professionals warn against combing when wet because that's when strands are most vulnerable to breakage, but getting anything resembling a style is near impossible if you just leave hair to dry without touching it.  The Tangle Teezer gently and easily glides through wet hair without pulling or breaking, and grabs those loose strands still hanging on.  

I picked mine up at Urban Outfitters for about $16, and it was worth every penny for happier, healthier hair!