Yelo Chair

Yelo Chair

As each New Year is ushered in, so are a multitude of resolutions.  But whether it’s to become more social/more healthy/more successful/more attractive…as soon as the hopeful optimism of a fresh start wears off (usually within a week), executing these goals becomes increasingly overwhelming and they’re put off for yet another year.  

If you’ve resolved to make yourself over this year, don’t give up yet!  To help you avoid ending up back on the couch in your pj’s watching celebrities and socialites living the fabulous life while you dig into yet another carton of Rocky Road, I’ve compiled the best beauty secrets that will have you ready for the red-carpet in no time.

The following Manhattan beauty centers and spas feature some of the most exclusive and advanced beauty treatments available in New York and will have you ready for all the fabulous opportunities that 2012 has to offer:


When Laser Cosmetica says “we obsess so you don’t have to,” they mean it.  Using advanced laser technology, this med-spa offers a wealth of non-invasive laser procedures for both the face and body.  While not for those seeking Zen, this is the perfect destination if you want to see serious results in a short amount of time.  The discreet and friendly staff can guide you on the best treatments to reach your goals without having to succumb to needles and downtime.

Accent Cellulite Treatment: Unlike some other treatments that can be uncomfortable, require a long treatment process, and result in ripples or loosening of the skin, Accent uses laser technology to treat the area with deep heat both shrinking fat cells and releasing deposits of fat and toxins.  While it may sound intense, don’t worry – it’s surprising comfortable.  Not only that, but the treated are continues to improve over the next few weeks and once gone, it’s gone for good!  While a few sessions are necessary for optimal results, both of us who tried this treatment could already see a noticeable difference after coming home from only one session.


Titan Skin Tightening:  Forget the facelift, this FDA-approved infra-red light stimulates collagen production anywhere you have lax skin in the face, neck or body and produces dramatic results.  With virtually no discomfort (only a warming sensation), noticeable results are typical after even only one treatment – and we saw them too.



Multiple locations


At her posh Central Park South location, Vicky Gomez will have you relaxed and seeing results.  Having scoured the world for the best treatments to enhance your appearance Vicki offers services at affordable rates, combining facials, peels, and wraps with the celeb-favorite SlimlinePod.

Vicky Gomez

Vicky Gomez

European Deep Cleansing Facial w/Gold:The Esthetics Resource’s estheticians will give your skin a relaxing yet thorough deep cleaning, complete with extractions.  If you want the extra red-carpet kick, add in a Gold treatment to slow collagen depletion and promote cellular growth while basking in luxury.

Triple-oxygen Facial:  A favorite treatment of celebrities like Madonna, hyperbaric oxygen and anti-aging serum are airbrushed onto the skin.  This cool treatment produces no redness, allows you to apply make-up as soon as you like, and left my skin looking flawless and camera-ready.

Body Contouring Wrap:Dead skin is first brushed off your body, increasing circulation and prepping the skin for the fat-busting cream application that is further absorbed once wrapped.  Cellulite won’t stand a chance against the estheticians who massaged my problem areas in such a way I’d swear they were pinching the fat right out of my body.  If you want to sweeten the deal, try one of the Dark/White Chocolate Body Wraps.

Slimline Pod:Seen on shows such as The Doctors and The Today Show, this innovative light capsule is a great addition to any treatment to get the most effective results.  With a wealth of health benefits, from inducing weight loss to tightening excess skin to reducing muscle aches and pains, this comfy cocoon can have you burning up to 500 calories in a single treatment while you just lay back and rest.


30 Central Park South, Suite 1CD



Yelo is one of the best ways to indulge in relaxation and recharge from the hectic pace of urban life.  Immerse yourself in this Midtown sanctuary, with colors inspired by the robes and sash of Tibetan monks and “YeloCabs”:  treatment rooms you can completely customize by selecting your own lighting, sound and aromatherapy.  With a complete range of facials, massage and reflexology treatments, detox and even naps, Yelo will have you floating on air in an hour or less.

Aromatherapy Massage:To say that Yelo’s massage therapists are skilled is an understatement.  Aside from just the typical muscle work, my therapist basically transported me to a relaxation paradise.  I was amazed at how effectively she was able to work out the tension in my body without making me wince even once and her slow, methodical approach made my treatment feel as though it lasted twice as long as it actually did.

Facials and Skincare:  If you’re not crazy about being stuck under a spotlight while having your pores picked and prodded, Yelo offers a much more relaxing yet just as effective alternative.  With a variety of organic treatments – like cactus pulp and Hungarian mud - for all different skin types, you can enjoy the relaxing effects of your customized YeloCab while a technician cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates and restores your skin. Yelo’s facials are especially perfect for those in need of periodic maintenance and wanting to head out with a healthy glow, and also offer options to help correct problem skin.

YeloNap:  Yelo’s signature powernaps are, quite literally, a dream for anyone needing a quick pick-me-up.  Laying in a zero-gravity “Yelo Chair”, your heart rate naturally slows down and you are immediately in a state of deep relaxation (my Yelo-nap was so amazing I contemplated getting rid of my bed entirely).  For slightly more than the cost of your daily caffeine-fix, combine it with a treatment or just on its own to recharge for a night out on the town, and restore balance to a busy lifestyle.


315 West 57 Street



Spa Martier will have any socialite giddy like a kid in a candy store.  The lower level of a clothing boutique and café, this spa is a hidden treasure.  Not only has its owner Yuki created a beautiful getaway ideal for a girls’ spa outing, she’s collected practically every unique celebrity beauty trend alongside luxurious face and body treatments.


24K Gold Mani-Pedi:Spa Martier gives your hands and feet the royal treatment, first with an exfoliating pure-gold soak, only to be followed by a moisturizing and restorative massage of 24K gold and milk blend.  Since a gold mani-pedi deserves more than just a couple coats of nail polish, go bling with Swarovski Crystal Jewel Art or match your nails to your favorite reptile stilettos with Genuine Snakeskin Application.

Eyelash Extentions:Forgo the messy gobs of mascara and serums that can cause discoloration.  Using the highest-quality eyelash extensions, Spa Martier offers multiple levels of augmentation, allowing a look that is as long or as full as you like.  A technician expertly applies each lash one by one, resulting in a natural look that will have your eyes sexy and popping when you look into the camera or bat your lashes at someone from across the room.

Holistic Sparkling Water Head Spa:  No matter how regularly you maintain you cut it’s still impossible to keep a healthy head of hair if your scalp is suffering, and changes in weather can be extremely damaging.  Combining the use of sparkling water, aromatherapy and head massage, these holistic treatments will clear your scalp of impurities and stunt healthy growth in your follicles.



1014 Second Avenue


The focus at this Brazilian day spa is less on luxury and more on wellness, offering a range of services utilizing natural and organic products.  Combining ancient techniques with the latest equipment and innovations in beauty, Spa Ja can treat specific concerns or just give you a better look overall.


Herbal Body Wrap with Oceana Technique:The treatment will leave your skin baby soft and it’s detoxifying and slimming properties will have you feeling rejuvenated, inside and out.  While lying in a hydrotherapy capsule, your entire body is first exfoliated and rinsed. A paste of detoxifying herbs is then applied, and as my technician so endearingly explained “I wrap you like baby now.” While wrapped, steam is pumped into the capsule raising your body temperature and allowing toxins to be release as you sweat.  A final rinse, and you’re relieved of the toxic build-up after many a night out partying.

Lymphatic Drainage:This gentle massage stimulates circulation of the lymph nodes and allows for toxins to be expelled from the body.  This also plays a key role in cellulite reduction.  Spa Ja’s technicians are trained in this practice, and will help your body to maintain balance and harmony.



300 W. 56Street


Co-founders and twins Marisa and Adriana mean business when it come to beauty.  Certified in use of multiple lasers including Ng-Yag, Alexandrite, and Diode, these ladies will harness the power of advanced technology to meet your beauty goals in one of their upscale spas.


Laser Hair Removal:Using the most advanced lasers available in hair removal, this is a completely pain-free procedure (with only a mild discomfort and warming sensation).  Needing to zap the hair follicles for only a few seconds, the process is quick and easy.  After only a few treatments, you can be fuzz-free and ready for wherever your jet-set lifestyle may lead you.



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