We've all been there: you just bought an eyeshadow/blush/powder in that absolute perfect shade.  You fall head over heels, and wonder what you did before it came into your life.  You travel together, because you can't bear to be apart.

But, as is the case with many a lover affair, your heart quickly breaks into a million pieces when you see your little powdered companion has done the same.  You were too harsh.  Is this the end?  Is it really over?!  It doesn't have to be.  

It's time to turn to the foundation of any healthy relationship: alcohol.  

Take a deep breath, get yourself a drink, follow these steps, and everything will be wonderful again:


1) Pick Up the Pieces

This is not the time to be shaky or panic.  Take a moment to regroup, gently bringing the pieces back together (a cotton swab works well for this).

2) Top Shelf

Now it's time to break out the good stuff:  Isopropyl, neat. 

Yes, I'm talking rubbing alcohol.  Pour straight into the compact, just enough to cover the top of the powder.  Use your finger or a cotton swab to mix it in so you form a paste. (I find that if you pour a little extra it actually helps level out the top better).

3) Just Chill

Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the effects.  Back off and let your compact rest for a day or so.  Eventually, the alcohol will evaporate off and you're left with a reset powder!  It might be a little bumpy at first but don't worry, you'll have many more good times together.

Now that you've both survived this experience, just try to be a little more gentle from now on. ;)

Two of my newly reset MAC pressed pigments.

Two of my newly reset MAC pressed pigments.