I'm notorious for making drastic changes to my hair, from color to cut to bangs.  I do also love being able to play with different styles day to day, so my at least has to be long enough for me to put up from time to time.  And there are few styles I love more than a sleek/elegant/messy/tall/low bun.  

I recently went from long hair halfway down my back to a short crop just above my shoulders, and normally this length is barely enough for a short ponytail.  Which is why, when girls see a nice full bun arranged atop my head, I'm so amazed that they ask how I managed to do it.  Surely they must know about this can't-live-without-it, what-did-I-ever-do-before-it, totally-worth-every-penny-and-then-some beauty tool?!  To be more precise:  the bun ring.

Every girl with hair past her chin should own at least one of these.  You can find them at any beauty supply/accessories store and they cost about $3.  Realistically, I could barely get a full bun even when I had long hair.  And working my strands into that sleek, uniform shape was near impossible.  With the bun ring, it takes about 2 minutes.  Slip your pony through the hole, smooth the hair down around it, and secure it with an elastic.  And if you do have longer hair you can play around with how to arrange it around the ring.  Seriously ladies - if you don't have one, go get one.  Now.  Really.